Welcome to Digitaz Studios. 

This is the home of my digital presence.

in addition to being a web designer & webmaster, I am a Mac, PC & device tech, fine art photographer, textile designer, and a musician

I bring a large variety of knowledge to your projects

I grew up around art. My dad was a commercial photographer in Manhattan during the 50’s & 60’s.  He did photography with the Mad Men. 

He is also a painter and sculptor, his work can be seen here edjaffe.com.

In the late 80’s I opened my photo lab and photo studio in Mt Kisco and spent 10 years honing my art and tech skills until Digital killed the film star. 

in 2014 I stopped everything to concentrate solely on textile design and manufacturing. I have a store on Etsy. 

I have 2 cats, Violet and Dash. 

I have a collection of guitars and songs on Soundcloud

Now that you know a little about me, you’re here so we can tell your story and build your web presence. I have come to the conclusion that YOU are the most important part

Everything else is secondary. 

You are the face of your company, your store, and your product.  You need people to like you first then they will love what you have to offer

I can go to any Chevy dealer but I will go to one where I like the people.

At Digitaz, My belief is your web site is your center piece, the place everything should start and end. 

I like to say that all roads lead to Rome. Your website is Rome with all the feeds, social media, newsletters and communications. 

Conversations take place on social media but the sales happen on your website

Over the years I have been fine tuning my ideas about web content importance.

You need to be authoritative and become a valuable resource. generate a positive opinion and give back to the viewer.  it really is all about you and your content.

In order to have a good web presence you need a strong identity, website,  social media pages, Business pages and everything that will be linked visually and on message. 

  • The Internet is constantly changing and growing. 
  • You need to keep feeding it content on your behalf to have a good foothold in your field.
  • Make the viewer need to visit your site & social media
  • Give the reader a reason to embrace your passion
  • Feed the needs of your reader with information they can use
  • Believe in what you are you saying and be readable.
  • Send newsletters to generate interest and views
  • Your web presence is your daily diary, leave the book open for all to read
  • Keep your site and social media looking like someone lives there.
  • Be Proactive

The web is the Information Highway. 

Let’s Write it!

I look forward to hearing from you to give you the power to take on the internet.